CYBRIC Continuous Application Security Platform Now Available in the AWS Marketplace

Sep 18 2018

CYBRIC Continuous Application Security Platform Now Available in the AWS Marketplace

CYBRIC Get-Started Program Provides Easy On-Ramp to Total Visibility and Assurance into Your Application Security Risk

Boston, MA – September 18, 2018 – CYBRIC, provider of the Continuous Application Security Platform, today announced that its platform is now available in the AWS Marketplace. In conjunction, the Company also announced the launch of its CYBRIC Get-Started Program. Available exclusively via the AWS Marketplace, CYBRIC’s Get-Started Program enables organizations to start using the CYBRIC platform via a monthly subscription, tiered to accommodate increasing platform usage.

The CYBRIC platform orchestrates and automates security, seamlessly embedding it into the development process. Extending beyond traditional code, container and application vulnerabilities, CYBRIC provides insight into bugs and code quality issues for a complete application risk assessment. The platform integrates with a multitude of open-source and commercial security tools, correlates the results and prioritizes exploitable vulnerabilities into easy-to-understand dashboards. CYBRIC provides visibility and assurance into all application security risks, as well as metrics and advanced analytics that help understand, measure and manage an enterprise security posture.

“CYBRIC offers a new approach to streamlining security into the development process and ensuring that security is a business-enabler, not a barrier,” said Ernesto DiGiambattista, CEO, CYBRIC. “Being in the AWS Marketplace and offering our Get-Started Program makes it even easier for Amazon AWS customers to implement CYBRIC and immediately start gaining total visibility and assurance into their application security risk.”

IT Resilience platform provider Zerto uses CYBRIC to gain one source of the truth for risk, compliance and vulnerability management across its dynamic SaaS environment. According to Rob Strechay, senior vice president of product, “CYBRIC gives us full and continuous visibility across our dynamic development landscape and a higher level of confidence in our security posture.” (Read more of the Zerto case study here.)

Get-Started Program Pricing
The CYBRIC Get-Started Program’s monthly subscription includes full access to all features of the platform, including automation of a rich set of static code, composition analysis and dynamic application scanning tools already integrated into the platform. Program pricing is based on the number of unique targets that are scanned per month, regardless of the frequency of scans or the number of scanning tools used. A target is defined as a code repository, a set of build artifacts, a container image, a host or a URL.

Units/Price per Unit

  • 1 Scanned Target/Month = $500/unit
  • 2-5 Scanned Targets/Month = $400/unit
  • 6-25 Scanned Targets/Month = $300/unit
  • 26+ Scanned Targets/Month = $250/unit

Discounts are available for organizations who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Non-profit
  • Early-stage start-up (less than $1,000,000 annual revenue)
  • Academic institution
  • Building platforms based on a microservices architecture

The CYBRIC Get-Started Program information can be found in the CYBRIC listing in the AWS Marketplace. For questions, please contact

CYBRIC is the first to orchestrate and automate code and application security across the software development lifecycle. The CYBRIC Continuous Application Security Platform integrates security into the development process and delivers frictionless security assurance from code commit to application delivery.

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