On Demand Webinar

The Dana Foundation Fuels Innovation and Streamlines Security with CYBRIC

Forward-looking organizations are increasing innovation velocity, modernizing development while trying to stay ahead of the constantly changing threat landscape. The Dana Foundation is one such organization. Committed to advancing brain research, The Foundation needed to transition to the cloud to drive efficiency and more effectively manage risk. With this shift, Dana moved from waterfall to DevOps but CIO Jim Rutt had to ensure they still maintained the organization’s strict security posture.

In this webinar you will learn how The Dana Foundation is using CYBRIC’s innovative software security assurance platform to:

  • Complete its move from waterfall to DevOps methodology while embedding security earlier in the development process.
  • Simplify security testing onto one platform vs. run manually by siloed functions.
  • Gain full visibility of security across the development lifecycle.

Meet your presenters:  Jim Rutt, CIO, Dana Foundation