Ernesto DiGiambattista
CEO and Founder, CYBRIC

Mike D. Kail
Chief Innovation Officer, CYBRIC


Five Security Questions Your Board Should Be Asking

All stakeholders, especially board members, are rushing to understand what their cybersecurity risks are and what measures to put into place to mitigate them. Breaches are now material events; regulators are taking notice and upping the ante in terms of requirements and fines. CYBRIC CEO & founder Ernesto DiGiambattista and Chief Innovation Officer Mike D. Kail are industry veterans with first-hand experience addressing strategic security questions such as:

  • Do our people, processes and technology give us the visibility, assurance and confidence we need?
  • As our business innovates, how do we integrate security to continuously monitor risk and increase agility?
  • How do we design and measure a security posture that doesn’t slow down business operations and development velocity?
  • How do we ensure that we are ahead of upcoming regulatory requirements?
  • Who is ultimately responsible for security? CISO or CIO? Risk & Compliance Officer?

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