DevSecOps Days @ RSAC 2018, April 16, 2018

Feb 04 2018

Managing Cyber Risk while Modernizing the Gaming Business, April 16, 2:00pm

Bandai Namco, like most modern enterprises today, needs to take advantage of cloud computing and infrastructure to keep pace and gain market share. But accelerating the majority of their computing to the cloud requires visibility into the infrastructure and their security posture on a continuous basis.

In this session, Lee Hsiao Director of information systems at Bandai Namco, will discuss his company’s path to cloud migration, the security and infrastructure visibility required and how they were able to get there. The talk will address how they evolved, and are evolving, their culture and approach to provide security assurance to this next phase of the business.The program requires a cultural change in how they develop and manage applications as well as extensive security and development tool rationalization. Part of the project involved identifying and effectively reporting progress and metrics. Bandai will share where they are in this journey, the wins they have had thus far and the obstacles they have addressed along the way to scale their development while delivering security assurance to the business.

CYBRIC will show how the CYBRIC Continuous Application Security Platform integrates security seamlessly into the development process for complete and continuous visibility. Read more

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