CYBRIC’s Continuous Application Security Platform is disrupting how organizations protect their critical applications and data. Enterprises rely on CYBRIC to dramatically improve their cybersecurity posture with a proactive and continuous approach to application and code security on-premises or in the Cloud.

What it does

CYBRIC delivers the only Continuous Application Security Platform that enables enterprises to integrate security into the application delivery process without impacting the production environment. Our patent-pending technology rapidly orchestrates exact replicas of your application environment and aggressively scans for security vulnerabilities by containerizing and automating security solutions. Predictive analytics applied to the consolidated security scan results help prioritize a proactive remediation plan presented through a single dashboard.

Continuous Application Security Platform

CYBRIC delivers true real-time vulnerability identification and proactive remediation to keep critical enterprise assets more secure than ever before.


Single-view dashboard for provisioning continuous security from commit to delivery


Define initial on-boarding and environment instantiation

Cybric Continuous Security as a Service Platform

Create and automate policies to enforce scanning, scheduling and remediation policies


See your entire security posture and key performance indicators from a single interface


Security at the Velocity of DevOps

Instead of taking a reactionary, defensive stance, often scanning environments just twice a year as required by industry regulators, security teams can scan as often as needed as they battle fierce cyberattacks and breaches. CYBRIC’s technology significantly reduces the human capital and time needed do this, through automation of processes and by taking an exact replica of production environments and aggressively trying to break them to detect vulnerabilities. All without slowing down the business.

Enable True DevSecOps

The security team and the DevOps culture are always at odds—secure data and infrastructure at the cost of speed-to-market. Or get things to market faster and run the risk of spreading vulnerabilities. The agenda and methods of both teams have become diametrically opposed. With CYBRIC organizations can now “single stream” security and DevOps into a “DevSecOps” approach. There’s no more need to slow down the development process to a serial develop/test/fix cycle. CYBRIC lets companies be truly agile.