CYBRIC in Just 1.5 Minutes

See how the CYBRIC Continuous Application Security Platform seamlessly automates and orchestrates security across the entire SDLC—delivering continuous visibility of your security posture.

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CYBRIC Overview

By integrating with security and DevOps tools across the development lifecycle, CYBRIC provides continuous visibility and assurance across all code repositories, application deployments and cloud infrastructure.

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CYBRIC Continuous Application Security Platform Datasheet

Learn how CYBRIC’s adaptive policy-driven platform orchestrates and automates security testing from code commit to application delivery for complete visibility.

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CYBRIC Platform: Technology Overview

A deeper dive into how the CYBRIC Continuous Application Security Platform automates and orchestrates security, including an architecture overview.

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Case Studies

Cytobank Ensures Continuous Regulatory Compliance by Integrating and Automating Security Testing Tools

By implementing CYBRIC , Cytobank is able to automate and schedule scans at the code and server level to ensure that the security of its cloud-based biomedical research platform is always up to date. Cytobank has also been able to free up resources to focus on more strategic initiatives. An interview with Angela Landrigan, Ph.D., Director of Products and Security Officer, Cytobank

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The Dana Foundation Embeds Security into SLDC to Accelerate DevOps Adoption

The maturation of rugged DevOps (DevSecOps) tools and frameworks such as the CYBRIC platform has helped The Dana Foundation transition from Waterfall to DevOps development and implement a continuous security monitoring and integration approach to development. An interview with Jim Rutt, CIO, Dana Foundation

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White Papers

How Security Can Fuel Innovation

Read about a new approach to streamlining security into the application development process. By shifting security left in the development lifecycle, it’s now no longer an obstacle to velocity, innovation and competitiveness. Instead, security is an asset.

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5 Steps to Maximize the Value of your Security Investment

A security rationalization process can help CISOs optimize your security infrastructure while improving the bottom line. This paper outlines the five steps to get you started.

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CISOs: Best Practices to Understand, Communicate and Manage Risk

What's your company's risk appetite and overall security posture? Read best practices to identify, communicate and manage risk across stakeholders.

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Cybersecurity Requirements for Maintaining a Secure Homeland

The Homeland Security Foundation of America (HSFA) recommends a new proactive approach for securing our critical infrastructure; one that delivers continuous security. According to HFSA, CYBRIC provides the best example of an integrated, automated application security platform for complete visibility.

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On-Demand Webinars

Innovator Cytobank Keeps Data Safe with DevSecOps: a Case Study

For organizations that handle sensitive data, it’s critical to maintain the highest security standards. Like most organizations today, biomedical research platform Cytobank used a manual security approach across its existing tools—including Brakeman, Nmap, Nikto and Qualys—to ensure its AWS-hosted platform was meeting regulatory compliance.

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DevSecOps from Cradle to Scale: Real-World Lessons and Success Cases

Dr. Chenxi Wang, founder of cybersecurity consultancy the Jane Bond Project and Vice Chair of the BoD of OWASP, and CYBRIC discuss how to effectively integrate security into DevOps processes at scale, with real-world examples.

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Needed Now: An Enterprise Cyber Threat Survival Kit

DevSecOps experts Swapnil Deshmukh, Sr. Director of Emerging Technologies Security at Visa and CYBRIC discuss the cultural changes needed for an enterprise to deliver continuous security.

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The Dana Foundation Fuels Innovation, Streamlines Security

Forward-looking organizations are increasing innovation velocity, modernizing development with rugged DevOps (DevSecOps) while aiming to stay ahead of the constantly changing threat landscape.

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Videos & Podcasts

Ernesto DiGiambattista, Founder & CEO

“We give executives one view into understanding and managing their security risk and exposure.”

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The Early Stage Podcast with John Valentine

Today's guest, Ernesto DiGiambattista, Founder and CEO of CYBRIC, is helping define a new industry term: DevSecOps. How do you bring the security process into development without slowing it down?

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