Security Congress, September 25-27, 2017

Jul 15 2017

At Security Congress 2017 in Austin, Andrei Bezdedeanu, Cybric’s Director of Engineering, will be giving a talk called “Secure Applications, Not the Cloud” Read More

Here is the session abstract:

As the massive and strategic shift to cloud computing takes place, security needs to be a top priority. But organizations that are worrying specifically about “cloud security” are misdirecting their time and energy. In the cloud, there’s no longer a well-defined perimeter that can be protected by hardware appliances, so security professionals need to fundamentally rethink traditional approaches to security in favor of programmatic, software-defined solutions.

The Software Engineering Institute estimates that 90 percent of reported security incidents result from exploits against defects in the design or code of software. By focusing on much-needed improvements to application security, more secure cloud environments will follow. This session will detail the cultural and technical adjustments that organizations need to make to improve security in this new, software-defined world.

You will lean how to…

  • Recognize the major differences between securing a traditional IT environment and a cloud-based environment, and understand why better application security is a critical foundation for securing the cloud.
  • Understand why the rapid spread of DevOps and the emphasis on continuous integration/continuous delivery is the biggest challenge that organizations face in securing applications in a software-defined world.
  • Understand the relationship between development and security teams, the priorities that motivate each group and how to align those priorities to integrate security throughout the software development lifecycle.

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