Source Security Conference, May 9-10, 2018

Apr 05 2018

Accelerating Your Business Goals with DevSecOps – May 10, 10:15AM

Gone are the days of siloed security and development teams. Innovation today is instead being driven by the bridge between these two teams, intersecting at the new model of DevSecOps.

In this talk, Director of Engineering Andrei Bezdedeanu will describe how businesses can accelerate their goals, drive results, and fuel innovation by moving to a culture of DevSecOps. He will discuss the pressing need for security and operation team collaboration, how to outline a strategic framework for your organization, and how a continuous, integrated approach to application security allows companies to easily move forward with their digital transformations.

Antiquated models that perpetuate contentious, manual, and reactive approaches to application security must be left in the past. Organizations today must “shift left,” integrating security into the development lifecycle as early as possible. With unified visibility and reporting across these internal teams, CISOs can effectively and confidently answer, “How secure are we?” Learn more.

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